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… he loves football (BVB), she loves Jane Austen, he likes films about super heroes in action, she enjoys repertory cinema, he learns how to cook, she knows how to cook (and to bake, but he’s not going to do that), he cycles, she hates it, he is a patient (co-)driver, she is not, in the morning he is more likely to be spoken to, she gets grumpy if she’s spoken to, he drinks cacao, she drinks coffee, he hardly survives without all his technical gadgets, she only needs her mobile phone, he hates cold water, she loves being in the water, he likes to play with his play station, she likes to read, he likes every kind of music, she likes alternative/ rock most, he’s spontaneous, she too (if she can plan it ahead), he takes things as they come, she sometimes thinks about stuff a bit too much, he is skiing like the devil, she is sledging, he likes it warm, she likes to put warm cloths on, he likes Taylor Swift, she doesn’t, she likes Adam Grahn, he rolls his eyes and takes pictures for her at concerts anyway, and both are dancing together in the kitchen, though she cannot dance at all …

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